Powderbolt Base Stats
Masterwork || Damage – 1d8 || Critical – x3 || Range – 80 ft || Weight – 12 lbs || Size – Medium || Dam. Type – Piercing

Damage • 10 Points per die increase

Critical • 15 Points per degree

Range • 5 Points per 10 feet

Weight • 5 Points per 1 lb

Damage Type • Add Slashing for 10 Points

Precision Aim (Ex): • At first level a Longshot gains Precision Aim. Once a Powderbolt has spent his move action taking aim at a target, he is able to aim for the vital areas of the enemy with amazing precision for the duration that he is aiming at that target, however if his aim is interrupted for any reason or he attacks someone else, he loses this ability. Precision Aim allows the Powderbolt to do precision damage while aiming for one target, and it is their trademark ability, however it has a shortcoming in that it has only a certain range (60 ft). As the player gains experience and levels, however, the precision damage and range of Precision Aim increases.


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